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Business Insurance Policies

For over 60 years, the Loyas group has planned, developed, and implemented quality risk management and business insurance programs for our clients. We strive to deliver the most comprehensive risk protection at competitive rates–supporting your objective to strengthen your competitive edge. No matter the size, The Loyas Group will tailor a business insurance program to fit your unique needs. We invite you to explore this page for an overview of some of the businesses we serve followed by additional information on the available insurance coverages we offer.

Business Insurance

We have experience providing comprehensive insurance programs to many kinds of businesses across several industries. The following list is just a sampling of the businesses The Loyas Group serves. We invite you to call us today to receive a free quote on your new, custom business insurance program.

Property Owners | Investment Properties
  • NJ Apartment Building Insurance
  • NJ Commercial Property Insurance
  • NJ Mini Mall/ Strip Mall Insurance
  • NJ Office Building Insurance
  • NJ Rental Property Insurance
Food Services
  • NJ Bakery Insurance
  • NJ Bagel Shop Insurance
  • NJ Bar, Pub, and Tavern Insurance
  • NJ Cafe Insurance
  • NJ Catering Insurance
  • NJ Coffee Shop Insurance
  • NJ Delicatessen Insurance
  • NJ Fast Food Restaurant Insurance
  • NJ Food Retail Business Insurance
  • NJ Food Wholesalers Insurance
  • NJ Pizzeria Insurance
  • NJ Restaurant Insurance
Goods & Services | Manufacturing
  • NJ Automotive Repair Insurance
  • NJ Auto Body Repair Insurance
  • NJ Barber Shop Insurance
  • NJ Bookshop Insurance
  • NJ Car Dealer Insurance
  • NJ Convenience Store Insurance
  • NJ Dance Studio Insurance
  • NJ Dry Cleaning Insurance
  • NJ Educational Services Insurance
  • NJ Electronics Retail Business Insurance
  • NJ Fitness Business Insurance
  • NJ Floral Shop Insurance
  • NJ Hair Salon Insurance
  • NJ Hardware Store Insurance
  • NJ Liquor Store Insurance
  • NJ Manufacturing Insurance
  • NJ Nail Salon Insurance
  • NJ Retail Business Insurance
  • NJ Shoe Repair Insurance
  • NJ Retail Clothing Business Insurance
  • NJ Specialty Goods Retail Insurance
  • NJ Specialty Shop Insurance
  • NJ Stationery & Paper Goods Retail Insurance
  • NJ Wine Retail Business Insurance
  • NJ Wholesale Business Insurance
Professional Services
  • NJ Accounting Insurance
  • NJ Advertising Agency Insurance
  • NJ Architect Insurance
  • NJ Construction Management
  • NJ Consulting Insurance
  • NJ Doctors Insurance
  • NJ Engineering Insurance
  • NJ Financial Management Insurance
  • NJ IT Services Insurance
  • NJ Legal Services Insurance
  • NJ Medical Professionals Insurance
  • NJ Medical Technician Insurance
  • NJ Professional Service Firm Insurance
  • NJ Public Relations Business Insurance
  • NJ Research & Development Insurance
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General Liability Insurance

Every business needs maximum financial protection to help keep assets from becoming vulnerable in the event of an accident or lawsuit. The Loyas Group offers the broadest protections available including coverage for bodily injury, property damages, as well as contractual and advertising liability. Our trusted team will build a custom plan that safeguards you, your employees, and assets from known and unknown risks. Life is unpredictable. Let us help you prepare for the curve balls.

Business General Liability Insurance

Business Property Insurance

We work hard to help protect what you’ve worked hard to build. Commercial property insurance safeguards your business space and its contents including computers and media, equipment breakdown, and even your money & securities. The Loyas Group will deliver personalized protection plans designed to minimize disruption and maximize recovery.

Small Business Property Insurance

Business Auto Insurance

Both on and off the road, The Loyas Group offers coverage for you and the vehicles you own, lease, rent, or borrow. We’ll help put the brakes on any damage to your bottom line and steer you in the right direction whether you have one vehicle or a fleet.

Commercial Business Auto Insurance

Excess Liability/Umbrella Insurance

Provide additional protection over your existing liability policies with Excess Liability/ Umbrella Insurance. A large lawsuit can quickly drain finances and hurt a business with steep legal and defense costs, wage losses and/or pain and suffering settlements. Don’t let a lawsuit drench you in debt. The Loyas Group can provide you with a sturdy umbrella to keep you financially secure.

Commercial Excess Liability Umbrella Insurance

Workers Comp Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance is mandatory for all New Jersey businesses with one or more employees. The Loyas Group can provide a policy to cover your business and your employees in the event of a job-related injury or illness.

Workers Comp Business Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance offers additional protections to advice-giving and/or service-providing individuals should legal action be taken against them by a client regarding matters that would not be covered by a general liability insurance policy. This coverage focuses on alleged failure to perform, financial losses caused by, and errors or omissions in the provided service or product sold by the policyholder. The Loyas Group can provide a policy that helps protect your business and gives you peace of mind.

Professional Liability Insurance

Group Health Insurance

Doing a full assessment of all the options is often the most difficult part of purchasing group health insurance. Our licensed representatives are here to do the comparison shopping for you. By working with multiple insurance providers, we evaluate medical insurance plans, options, and pricing to best suit your needs. Regardless of your company’s size, The Loyas Group will create a cost-efficient comprehensive plan that may include additional options such as dental and vision coverage.

Group Health Insurance Businesses

Commercial Surety Bonds

Commercial Surety Bonds encompass numerous types of bonds categorized as court judicial, court fiduciary, public official, license and permit, and many others that guarantee financial performance. The Loyas Group can help secure the bonds that are best suited to your business endeavors.

Commercial Surety Bonds

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